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Sally Mann – A Thousand Crossings – At National Gallery Of Art

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Sally Mann – A Thousand Crossings – At National Gallery Of Art

Sally Mann Exhibit-8

Sally Mann Exhibit-9

Living in Washington DC is such a delight when I can walk to the National Gallery of Art and experience Sally Mann’s solo exhibit with a group of photographers who like to discuss the finer points of technique and process. Inspiration and criticism go hand-and-hand when you have a group of accomplished and opinionated individuals in the same room. Of course, each of us has a camera weighing down our necks and the irritation may add to our determination to get out point across.

Over 40 years of 110 images span the galleries, organized in five sections. Many have never been exhibited before. There are two videos that illuminate Mann’s thought process and technique.

Click on this link to see details.

Scroll down to see some of the photos that caught my eye.

Sally Mann Exhibit

Sally Mann Exhibit-2

Sally Mann Exhibit-3

Sally Mann Exhibit-4

Sally Mann Exhibit-6


Sally Mann Exhibit-10

Sally Mann Exhibit-11


Adolf de Meyer Photographs at the Met

Adolf de Meyer Photographs at the Met


I was found myself in New York City for the Christmas holiday. I wandered over to the Met to see the Michelangelo exhibit, but it was so crowded I couldn’t get close to any of the work. Disappointed, I meandered through the museum and stumbled upon this photography exhibit by Adolf de Meyer.

de Meyer was a Baron and kept company with the privileged European elite. He photographed the wealthy and enjoyed travel to exotic locations. Ever the dandy, he documented the fashion of the times for magazines and ballet productions.







de Meyer was an explorer of color photography in its infancy, 1907. There are two color images in this exhibit, which are included in the highlights I have here for you to view. Unfortunately, the glass had a lot of glare on it, so all the images I photographed have light spots and reflections of the walls or people passing through the galleries.





He also photographed nature and any landscapes that caught his eye.







Here is an excerpt from the Met website explaining the show:

A member of the “international set” in fin-de-siècle Europe, Baron Adolf de Meyer (1868–1946) was also a pioneering photographer, known for creating works that transformed reality into a beautiful fantasy. Quicksilver Brilliance is the first museum exhibition devoted to the artist in more than 20 years and the first ever at The Met. Some 40 works, drawn entirely from The Met collection, demonstrate the impressive breadth of his career.

The exhibition includes dazzling portraits of well-known figures of his time: the American socialite Rita de Acosta Lydig; art patron and designer Count Étienne de Beaumont; aristocrat and society hostess Lady Ottoline Morrell; and celebrated entertainer Josephine Baker, among others. A highlight of the presentation is an exceptional book—one of only seven known copies—documenting Nijinsky’s scandalous 1912 ballet L’Après-midi d’un faune. This rare album represents de Meyer’s great success in capturing the movement and choreography of dance, a breakthrough in the history of photography. Also on view are the artist’s early snapshots made in Japan, experiments with color processes, and inventive fashion photographs.

This exhibit runs through March 18, 2018 at the 5th Ave Met.





The Most Expensive Painting In The World – Da Vinci

John Singer Sargent Painted More Than Portraits

Check out this beautiful nature painting by Sargent I discovered on Twitter.

Famous Women Artists – Or The Lack Thereof

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Famous Women Artists – Or The Lack Thereof

Women Artists

I found this article about the lack of knowledge of famous women artists, and the subsequent updating of it. As a woman artist, I believe it is important to bring overlooked women artists to the forefront of our consciousness. Start with naming the women artists in the photo above. Can’t recognize all of them? You’re not alone.  Read this article then share to spread the word.


A Frosty Morning in Idyllwild – Bikini Frog Protests

A Frosty Morning in Idyllwild – Bikini Frog Protests


Idyllwild has finally been dusted with a precious snow blanket. The drought continues, but a small amount of relief has been granted. The only one complaining is my bikini frog.

A Hike Along The Ernie Maxwell Trail, Idyllwild, CA

A Hike Along The Ernie Maxwell Trail, Idyllwild, CA
Small Waterfall

Small Waterfall

We are three weeks into 2015. I hope you have had a great start to this year. 2014 ended in difficulty for me, and 2015 shows no relief. I think to myself I’ve got 11 more months to make this a great year.

One of the things I find comforting is to take a walk in the woods. When I hear bird calls, water flowing, and the wind tickling the tops of the pines, every care melts away.

The Ernie Maxwell Trail

The Ernie Maxwell Trail

Yesterday, February 20, 2015 dawned as fabulous spring day in the middle of winter. The temperature was in the mid 60’s with light streaky clouds. I decided to wipe the cares off my shoulders and take a hike. The minute I stepped onto the Ernie Maxwell Trail in Idyllwild, CA, my senses became more refined and I started listening to my animal friends. The first thing I heard was the screech of a hawk high overhead. Then the chime of finches talking to each other took over. A chipmunk scurried across the path to get out of my way. I stopped to listen to the rhythm of the wind dance in the tree tops.



Looking closely, I revel in the colors of the forest. The rocks hold beautiful shades of pink, orange, yellow, tans and browns.

Boulder along the Ernie Maxwell Trail

Boulder along the Ernie Maxwell Trail

I feel as if I become part of nature while I am on these hikes rather than a human separate from it. I appreciate the land, water, and sky and say a silent thank you to mother nature for providing all of the elements people need to survive.

The forest that surrounds the Ernie Maxwell Trail

The forest that surrounds the Ernie Maxwell Trail

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