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Sally Mann – A Thousand Crossings – At National Gallery Of Art

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Sally Mann – A Thousand Crossings – At National Gallery Of Art

Sally Mann Exhibit-8

Sally Mann Exhibit-9

Living in Washington DC is such a delight when I can walk to the National Gallery of Art and experience Sally Mann’s solo exhibit with a group of photographers who like to discuss the finer points of technique and process. Inspiration and criticism go hand-and-hand when you have a group of accomplished and opinionated individuals in the same room. Of course, each of us has a camera weighing down our necks and the irritation may add to our determination to get out point across.

Over 40 years of 110 images span the galleries, organized in five sections. Many have never been exhibited before. There are two videos that illuminate Mann’s thought process and technique.

Click on this link to see details.

Scroll down to see some of the photos that caught my eye.

Sally Mann Exhibit

Sally Mann Exhibit-2

Sally Mann Exhibit-3

Sally Mann Exhibit-4

Sally Mann Exhibit-6


Sally Mann Exhibit-10

Sally Mann Exhibit-11



The Most Expensive Painting In The World – Da Vinci

Famous Women Artists – Or The Lack Thereof

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Famous Women Artists – Or The Lack Thereof

Women Artists

I found this article about the lack of knowledge of famous women artists, and the subsequent updating of it. As a woman artist, I believe it is important to bring overlooked women artists to the forefront of our consciousness. Start with naming the women artists in the photo above. Can’t recognize all of them? You’re not alone.  Read this article then share to spread the word.


The World’s Most Expensive Art

The holidays have arrived. I have been thinking about presents to give to my loved ones. I whimsically daydream about giving my husband a master painting or photograph. This train of thought made me wonder what the most expensive paintings in the world are.

The Scream by Edvard Munch

The Scream by Edvard Munch

I research the subject and found this Wikipedia article that I thought you might enjoy as well.

If I happen to be on your list, I’ll take Edvard Munch’s The Scream. Thank you very much.

Guy Tal Quote About Landscape Photography #1

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Grand Tetons River and Waterfall

Grand Tetons River and Waterfall by Gina Genis


The beautiful scenery is there, but it cares not for pleasing composition or the quality of light at any moment in time. This is where the artist comes in, arranging in a frame the scattered elements into a story, anticipating and chasing the light, bringing it all together to create an evocative image capable of communicating the visual experience and impressing the grandeur of a fleeting moment on viewers for generations to come.

Guy Tal contemporary photographer

Guy Tal, photographer

Guy Tal, photographer



Happy New Year To You 2014

Gina Genis Photo of a Blue Martini

Gina Genis Photo of a Blue Martini

Wishing you a New Year filled with adventure, discovery, success, and joy. A fresh start is here. Enjoy, my friends.

David Hockney Quote #1

David Hockney collage photograph

David Hockney collage photograph

All religions are about social control. The church, when it had social control, commissioned paintings, which were made using lenses and when it stopped commissioning images, its power declined, slowly. Social control today is in the media—and based on photography. The continuum is the mirrors and lenses.

David Hockney, Artist, b. 1937, Bradford, England, currently living in Los Angeles.

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