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Circular Panorama of Dana Point Harbor

Circular Panorama of Dana Point Harbor by Gina Genis

Hi Friends,

Thought I’d share a photo I did of Dana Point Harbor – with a twist – literally. I took a series of shots of Dana Point Harbor, stitched them together, then uses a bunch of PhotoShop manipulations to twist it into a circle. This is the result. You can learn how to do this technique in my Creative Photography Workshop.

Send Your Best Images Competition

Hello Friends, Photographers, and Fellow Bloggers,

Just wanted to let you know that I am one of the jurors for the “Give Us Your Best Shot” competition. This photographic competition is hosted by the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. OCCCA has been in existence for 32 years, and has a exhibition space of more than 6,000 sq ft in the heart of the Santa Ana Arts District in California. OCCCA is on the list of 10 Best Museums in California, and award given by CBS Los Angeles.

The OCCCA Building below.


The other esteemed jurors are Susan Spiritus, of Susan Spiritus Gallery, Kirk Pedersen, fine art publisher, and Jeff T. Alu, photographer and curator.

If you have read my past blogs, you know I am wary of photography competitions. I will never list a competition that I do not believe in. I have had a lot of experience working with OCCCA in the past, and curated “Wide Angle View” there. You can rest assured every entry will be looked at and we, the jurors will choose the best, most interesting submissions for a strong show.

So give it a shot. Expose your work to curators, publishers, and gallerists. Even if you don’t make it into the show, your photography will be seen and possibly remembered for future exhibits. The deadline is November 10, 2012. Good luck.


A Day In The World – Participate In This Photography Project

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May 15, 2012, is designated as A Day In The World. This ambitious photo documentary project has been organized by Expressions of Humankind, a Swedish non-profit group. The purpose is to collect a world-wide visual database of daily life. Professional photographers to cell camera shooters are welcome to participate.

If you want to be part of the project, go to and register. On May 15th, shoot up to 10 photographs of your life. Upload them to a category that best describes the image.

I’m already thinking about what I will document. How about you?

Quick Camera Tip #1: Using Your Camera’s Level Guide

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Example of an electronic level on a Canon PowerShot G1X

There are many times you need to have a shot exactly level. For instance, architectural shots or landscapes with a defined horizon line. Eyeballing is not very accurate.

How many times have you been excited to take some wonderful shots only to view them in your computer and finding they are off-balance? No problem, you may say, I’ll fix it in PhotoShop. Well, sure that can be done, but if you are like me and carefully compose your images, the PhotoShop fix will force you to cut off much of your image. You might lose an important element such as the person in the corner of the shot that anchored the whole image.

There’s a simple tool that guarantees you a perfectly level shot and it is very easy to use. If you own a newer model digital camera, you most likely have a built-in electronic level. You can use them when you hand hold your camera, or when placed on a tripod. All you have to do is line up the moving marker to the center point on your level bar.

Each camera has a different way to get to the electronic level. Look in your owner’s manual to find it and have it show up while you are shooting.

Landscape and Nature Photo Workshops, Grand Tetons and more

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Hello Photographers,

Schawbacher Landing, Grand Tetons, by Gina Genis

Thought I’d let you know about some upcoming landscape and nature workshops.
First, is the spectacular Grand Tetons. I have a few spots open, and would love to fill them with one of you. The dates are from June 25 – 29. Every year we have a great time, and go home with images worth printing and framing. I have a lot of new info to share, discount coupon codes for equipment, and new software techniques that really make your images sing. Click on the “Grand Tetons” link above for details.

Next, enjoy the beautiful mountains of Southern California in Idyllwild, for a 2 day workshop on June 2 & 3. This workshop takes you into the forest to photograph a waterfall, spectacular panorama sunsets, flowers, lakes, and more. Idyllwild is a mini Yosemite, but also has the advantage of a charming town for movies, great food and shopping too. This workshop is only $400. Click on the “Idyllwild” link above for details.

Want to go to the beach? Like old architecture? My Beach & Mission weekend workshop is perfect for you. Take advantage of the Laguna Beach area in April, and we might get lucky and see some migrating whales. Last year, my group witnessed a mother and baby whale close to shore, and a wedding on the beach right in front of them. It doesn’t get better than that. We will also visit a mission with great architecture and blooming gardens. This workshop is only $400. Click on the “Beach & Mission” link above for details.

Little time, but still want to learn? How about a 4 hour Creative Photography workshop? This is a fun way to make unusual images right inside your camera. I designed this workshop for people who want to see in a new way, need inspiration, and want to play around with their cameras. It’s a blast. Join us on April 7th in the Laguna Beach area. This workshop is only $100. Click on the “Creative Photography” link above for details.

Maybe a workshop is not right for you. Contact me for Private Lessons. I love to help you on a personal basis so you can take your photography to the next level.

Keep your eye on my website: I will be adding more 1/2 day and 1 day workshops for portraits, camera basics, macro photography, and more.

Also, I am affiliated with Lensbaby, onOne Software, Think Tank, and B & H Photo/Video. That means I can give you a coupon code for discounts. If you are going to buy new equipment, contact me first for a coupon code.

If you have questions, feel free to email me.

Keep that shutter clicking.

Panorama Of Banning, California

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Hello Friends,

Just thought I’d share one of my favorite landscape views. This is a panorama I took from Highway 243, that runs from the desert city of Banning to the mountains of Idyllwild. It’s a winding, narrow, two lane road that ascends over 6,000 feet. Some people hate the road, thinking it is dangerous. I love it for its beautiful views. I think you will agree with me after seeing this photo.

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