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Layover At Atlanta Airport

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Gods and Mortals

Gods and Mortals

Hello Friends and Bloggers,

During the past holiday season, I turned a bad situation into a good one. Long story short, my flight from Atlanta to Fayetteville, NC, was overbooked. I volunteered to take the next flight in exchange for a ticket voucher for a future trip. The problem was four hours of nothing to do but wander endlessly around the airport.

Santas and Soldiers

Santas and Soldiers

I gave myself a goal and decided to make a video. It ended up being a fun event, and I explored hidden corners of the airport that I never ordinarily would have. The four hours went by quickly once I had a purpose. The airline gave me a $12 dinner voucher, and my favorite traveling restaurant, Nature’s Table Bistro, happens to be in this airport. I got a great meal of balsamic chicken over brown rice and steamed vegetables for 8¢ – the price of the tax. All in all, I walked on to my next flight feeling like a winner. How can you argue with a free meal and free plane ticket? In addition, I got to shoot a video I never would have thought of doing. You can see the short video on You Tube.

In the Air

In the Air


Send Your Best Images Competition

Hello Friends, Photographers, and Fellow Bloggers,

Just wanted to let you know that I am one of the jurors for the “Give Us Your Best Shot” competition. This photographic competition is hosted by the Orange County Center for Contemporary Art. OCCCA has been in existence for 32 years, and has a exhibition space of more than 6,000 sq ft in the heart of the Santa Ana Arts District in California. OCCCA is on the list of 10 Best Museums in California, and award given by CBS Los Angeles.

The OCCCA Building below.


The other esteemed jurors are Susan Spiritus, of Susan Spiritus Gallery, Kirk Pedersen, fine art publisher, and Jeff T. Alu, photographer and curator.

If you have read my past blogs, you know I am wary of photography competitions. I will never list a competition that I do not believe in. I have had a lot of experience working with OCCCA in the past, and curated “Wide Angle View” there. You can rest assured every entry will be looked at and we, the jurors will choose the best, most interesting submissions for a strong show.

So give it a shot. Expose your work to curators, publishers, and gallerists. Even if you don’t make it into the show, your photography will be seen and possibly remembered for future exhibits. The deadline is November 10, 2012. Good luck.


Memorial Day Gets Rained Out

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Happy Memorial Day to you.

I’ve put together a short video of the downpour that derailed my Memorial Day plans. Hope you are having better weather. Click here to view it on You Tube.

Light Across Lily Rock – Time Lapse Video

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A still image from the time lapse video “Light Across Lily Rock”.

Lily Rock is an important landmark in Idyllwild. It can be seen all over the San Jacinto mountains. On April 25, 2012, I was photographing streams and waterfalls in a light drizzle. I enjoy being out in this type of weather because the colors of nature get saturated and the skies are dramatic. A storm was approaching quickly so I decided to climb out of the creek bed and take a look at the sky. Lily Rock was there to greet me. I stood in a meadow watching the shifts of light across the majestic rock.  I couldn’t resist taking photos as the clouds played hide and seek with it. I’ve put together a short time-lapse video you can view on YouTube. Click here and enjoy it.

Relax – Watch A Calming Creek Video

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A creek runs through a tunnel.

Yesterday, I had the enchanting experience of sitting by a creek in the rain. The water meandered through a tunnel and emerged happily on the other side. A lonely male mallard bobbed by, unconcerned with my presence. The sound of the running water carried my worries downstream with it. Please enjoy this short video and slip away from your responsibilities.

Adobe Lightroom 4 Is Released

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Exciting news for Lightroom users. Adobe Lightroom 4 is here.

Product Highlights

  • Photo Organization And Management
  • RAW Conversion
  • Nondestructive Editing Workflow
  • Tethered Shooting
  • DSLR Video Support
  • Highlight And Shadow Recovery
  • Photo Book Creation
  • White Balance And Other Editing Brushes
  • Video Publishing
  • Enhanced Online Sharing, Email, Imports

Get yours at the following links:

Lightroom 4 – full version

Lightroom 4 – student & teacher version

Lightroom 4 – upgrade

Canon 5D Mark III Arrives

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The new Canon 5D Mark III

Great news for Canon junkies. The new 5D Mark III has arrived. What’s so great about this camera? Well, more speed, higher resolution, enhanced processing power, and added creative options for  stills and Full HD movies. This new beast provides the most creative freedom ever for those of us who need to shoot with our brains instead of a machine.

Here is a look at the body with lens kit.  Here is a look at the body only.

So what’s the damage to your wallet? The body only is $3,499. The kit with lens will empty you out to the tune of $4,299. An investment, yes, but one I am willing to make. I think about the shots I have missed in low light, the noise I struggle to remove, and think – yes, this is worth the great shots I will get once it is in my hands.

Read a full review of the Canon 5D Mark III here.

I am holding my breath until mine arrives. Hopefully I won’t turn blue.



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