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Great Deals on Think Tank Photo Bags

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Think Tank Photo Bag

Hi Photo Friends,

If you are in the market for a new photo gear bag, Think Tank, is offering some great special deals. In my opinion, they are the best gear bag company out there.

Click this link for free shipping.

Click this link for a rebate on the Airport 4-Sight bag.

Click this link to register in the drawing for a free Think Tank product.

A Walk On Salt Creek Beach

A Walk On Salt Creek Beach by Gina Genis

This is a photo I took in 2009. I was exploring a Lensbaby to do a series of work called June Gloom about the beaches I grew up on. I took thousands of images. Only 172 made it into the final project which was shown in a solo exhibit at the Porter Butts Gallery at the University of Wisconsin, Madison. This photo is an outtake. I was running through my image library, and the couple walking together caught my eye. Feeling romantic, I guess. I decided to work on it a little in onOne software, adding a graduated lavender filter to the top part of the image. I hope you enjoy this walk on the beach.

If you are interested in purchasing a Lensbaby, contact me first for a discount code.

New Mirrorless Camera From Canon, The EOS-M

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The New Canon EOS-M mirrorless camera.

Big news. Canon has announced its answer to the competition from other manufacturers of mirrorless cameras. It’s called the EOS-M. It boasts 18 MP, a 22 mm f/2 STM lens, a 3″ clear view LCD screen, Canon’s DIGIC 5 Image Processor, ultra-fast focusing is delivered via the Hybrid CMOS AF system. ISO’s from 100-12800 and expands to 25600. State of the art video, and much more are packed into this interchangeable lens camera.

Two M series lenses are available. The 22mm f/2 STM lens is included in this kit. The 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 can be purchased for USD $299.  The new EF-M mount on the this camera is able to use any Canon EF and EF-S lenses with the optional EF-EOS Mount Adapter.

18-55mm lens

Canon has a new Speedlight flash made for the EOS-M. This compact and lightweight flash has enough coverage for use with a 24mm lens.  It can act as a master for other flashes.

The EOS-M is available for pre-order now. Expected deliver date is October 15, 2012, and estimated price is $799 USD.

If you are looking for a compact interchangeable lens camera, Canon is your answer.


FREE – Test Think Tank’s Photo’s New Camera Carrying System

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Think Tank Modular System

Test Drive one of Think Tank Photo’s new Modular Rotation Systems free for 28 days.  If you like it, keep it and your credit card will be charged.  If not, return it to Think Tank no charge. The Modular Rotation System is the choice of working professionals who shoot sports, weddings, nature or any situation where the need to stay mobile and rapid gear changes are essential.

The Modular Component Set™ V2.0 consists of two individual lens changer pouches, a flash pouch and an accessory pouch that lock to or slide around any Think Tank Photo belt. Since the pouches are modular, the carrying system can be reconfigured to match any assignment, under any condition.

The Modular Skin Set V2.0 consists of two individual lens changer pouches, a flash pouch and an accessory pouch that lock to or slide around a Think Tank Photo belt. Components are lightweight, compressible and easily collapsible. Perfect for traveling.The “Sound Silencer” feature adds stealth by eliminating hook-and-loop tearing noises.

This offer ends on March 31, 2012 or when 100 of each modular set has been reserved for the Test Drive program. Click here to test it.

* This offer is only available within the United States because of the shipping costs of delivering the product from and to the U.S.

Landscape and Nature Photo Workshops, Grand Tetons and more

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Hello Photographers,

Schawbacher Landing, Grand Tetons, by Gina Genis

Thought I’d let you know about some upcoming landscape and nature workshops.
First, is the spectacular Grand Tetons. I have a few spots open, and would love to fill them with one of you. The dates are from June 25 – 29. Every year we have a great time, and go home with images worth printing and framing. I have a lot of new info to share, discount coupon codes for equipment, and new software techniques that really make your images sing. Click on the “Grand Tetons” link above for details.

Next, enjoy the beautiful mountains of Southern California in Idyllwild, for a 2 day workshop on June 2 & 3. This workshop takes you into the forest to photograph a waterfall, spectacular panorama sunsets, flowers, lakes, and more. Idyllwild is a mini Yosemite, but also has the advantage of a charming town for movies, great food and shopping too. This workshop is only $400. Click on the “Idyllwild” link above for details.

Want to go to the beach? Like old architecture? My Beach & Mission weekend workshop is perfect for you. Take advantage of the Laguna Beach area in April, and we might get lucky and see some migrating whales. Last year, my group witnessed a mother and baby whale close to shore, and a wedding on the beach right in front of them. It doesn’t get better than that. We will also visit a mission with great architecture and blooming gardens. This workshop is only $400. Click on the “Beach & Mission” link above for details.

Little time, but still want to learn? How about a 4 hour Creative Photography workshop? This is a fun way to make unusual images right inside your camera. I designed this workshop for people who want to see in a new way, need inspiration, and want to play around with their cameras. It’s a blast. Join us on April 7th in the Laguna Beach area. This workshop is only $100. Click on the “Creative Photography” link above for details.

Maybe a workshop is not right for you. Contact me for Private Lessons. I love to help you on a personal basis so you can take your photography to the next level.

Keep your eye on my website: I will be adding more 1/2 day and 1 day workshops for portraits, camera basics, macro photography, and more.

Also, I am affiliated with Lensbaby, onOne Software, Think Tank, and B & H Photo/Video. That means I can give you a coupon code for discounts. If you are going to buy new equipment, contact me first for a coupon code.

If you have questions, feel free to email me.

Keep that shutter clicking.

Adobe Lightroom 4 Is Released

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Exciting news for Lightroom users. Adobe Lightroom 4 is here.

Product Highlights

  • Photo Organization And Management
  • RAW Conversion
  • Nondestructive Editing Workflow
  • Tethered Shooting
  • DSLR Video Support
  • Highlight And Shadow Recovery
  • Photo Book Creation
  • White Balance And Other Editing Brushes
  • Video Publishing
  • Enhanced Online Sharing, Email, Imports

Get yours at the following links:

Lightroom 4 – full version

Lightroom 4 – student & teacher version

Lightroom 4 – upgrade

Change Your Photographs From Ordinary to Extraordinary With onOne Software

Poinsettia image edited with onOne software

Original Poinsettia image

I take a lot of photographs. Some are for my fine art series that show in museums and galleries. Some are strictly personal; a record of my life. Others are for commercial purposes. I have looked at millions of images, so it takes something special to get me excited. Sometimes an image needs a little extra help. When I want to spice it up, I use onOne software. In the images of the poinsettia above, there is a drastic difference between the color image and the black and white. The color image is the original. I don’t think it is memorable. It has the makings of a great black and white, so I used onOne Perfect Photo Suite 6 and started working the magic. It ended up being my holiday greeting card. The positive response was overwhelming.

Nashville cup edited with onOne software

Look at the difference between the two Nashville cups. There’s nothing wrong with the original below, but the vibrant version above, is much more engaging.

Nashville cup, original image

Next, let’s see what you can do with a landscape photograph. It only took two clicks to get the effect I had in mind. When you compare the original to the edited version, you can see that I added a color pop, a softer look, and a border.

Bear Lake, edited with onOne software

Original Bear Lake image

Below is an example of how you can take an average photo and turn it into something worth looking at. The army boots in the original version are not very memorable. By adding some contrast, texture, and glow with onOne, I got the photograph I envisioned.

Army boots image edited with onOne software

Army boots, original version

If you want to see what I have done with an entire series of work, click here to see Things We Leave Behind. I edited completely with onOne software. Why? I wanted to give it an ethereal look. As if the person who had lived in this house had one foot in our world, and one in the next. You can’t get that type of look without some fancy editing. This series has been successful enough to have three exhibits lined up so far, and more to come.

Now you get a prize for reading through this post. OnOne is having a $100 off sale on Perfect Photo Suite 6 – but only until February 15th. That makes the price for the whole suite only $199. Very reasonable for all of the things you can do to your images. Click on this link to automatically get your whopping discount:

Have fun with Perfect Photo Suite 6, and send me your edits to share.

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