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Yann Arthus-Bertrand Quote #1

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Yann Arthus-Bertrand photo

Yann Arthus-Bertrand photo #1

“The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness”.

Yann Arthus-Bertrand – From the book: Earth from Above, 3rd Edition

Yann Arthus-Bertrand photo #2

Yann Arthus-Bertrand photo #2
Yann Arthus-Bertrand photo #3

Yann Arthus-Bertrand photo #3

Yann Arthus-Bertrand at work

Yann Arthus-Bertrand at work


Philippe Halsman Quote #1

Phillippe Halsman - Salvador Dali

Philippe Halsman image of Salvador Dali in his studio.

“The immortal photographers will be straightforward photographers, those who do not rely on tricks or special techniques.”

Philippe Halsman, American portrait photographer. May 2, 1906 – June 25, 1979

Look closely at the unretouched image of Salvador Dali in his studio. Notice the thin lines from the ceiling to the items suspended from them. Imagine the time it took to set this tableau up. Today, Photoshop junkies blend many photographs together to create such scenes.

When I read Halsman’s quote, I am reminded of how far the pendulum has moved away from straightforward photos. In the age of Instagram’s one click manipulations, fantasy photos are easy to create. It seems the appetite for un-reality is bigger than it is for pepperoni pizza.

Philippe Halsman photo from 1953.

Philippe Halsman photo in Florida from 1953.

Personally, I got bored with Instagram after two weeks and closed my account. The “click and aahh” as I call it, was unsatisfying. Are my photos more interesting than before the filter, vignette, and frame are added? Only if I take a bad photo and want to make it passable. A good photo only becomes muddled, and loses its meaning.

Maybe someday the pendulum will balance itself again. Until then, what I find “aahh” worthy is becoming more rare.

Beaumont Newhall Quote About Arnold Newman’s Portraits

Arnold Newman photo of Igor Stravinski

Arnold Newman photo of Igor Stravinski

“The camera is a deceptive tool. With today’s technology mediocre results can be achieved automatically.

Unfortunately, mediocrity is all too often confused with success; we are too easily pleased. To push photography beyond the acceptable demands self-discipline and self-criticism on the part of the artist…..

Avoidance of the trite, the banal, the obvious demands visual imagination. Newman’s insistence upon the inclusion of his portraits of some vital aspect of the sitter’s environment goes far beyond obvious symbolism. Subtly, yet powerfully, he recreates the very world of the sitter….

There are photographers who impose their personalities upon the images they create to such an extent that the sitter becomes a model and not a person. Not so Newman, which may be the reason he dislikes fashion photography….”

Beaumont Newhall, From the foreword to the book One Mind’s Eye – The Portraits and Other Photographs of Arnold Newman, David R. Godine, Publisher, Boston 1974

Arnold Newman at home, 1980. Photographer unknown.

Arnold Newman at home, 1980. photographer unknown.

Arnold Newman photograph of Pablo Picasso

Arnold Newman photograph of Pablo Picasso

Gina Genis Photography Now Available At Forest Furniture Gallery In Idyllwild

Fuller Mill Creek in the Fog by Gina Genis

Hi Friends and Bloggers,

Just want to let you know that I am trying out a new gallery in Idyllwild. Forest Furniture Gallery, a gallery and hand make furniture store located upstairs in the Fort, is now carrying my photography. The image you see above won the month of December in the Idyllwild Town Crier calendar competition, and will be one of the available prints.

Lake Fulmor With Ice by Gina Genis

The image above, “Lake Fulmor With Ice”, is currently the cover of the Idyllwild Visitor’s Guide. This image is included in a room screen that has 3 panels, each panel with 4 of my landscape or nature photographs in it.

Lake Fulmor Reflections by Gina Genis

A horizontal version of “Lake Fulmor Reflections”, above is on display and waiting for a new home.

Contact Forest Furniture for details. As for Martin. He’s the owner and a really cool and funny guy. He will ship.

Forest Furniture Gallery
The Fort
54225 North Circle Dr. Ste. #B18
Idyllwild, CA. 92549

Phone: 714-717-9447   email

Wim Wenders Quote About The Changes In Photography

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Wim Wenders

Images are no longer what they used to be. They can’t be trusted any more. We all know that. You know that. When we grew up, images were telling stories and showing them. Now they’re all into selling. They’ve changed under our very eyes. They don’t even know how to do it anymore. They’ve plain forgotten. Images are selling out the world. And at a big discount. 

Wim Wenders, filmmaker, photographer, born August 14, 1945

Grand Tetons Photography Workshop

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Hello Friends and Photographers,

Schawbacher Landing, Grand Tetons, by Gina Genis

I only have 2 spaces open for my in-the-field Grand Tetons Photography Workshop from June 25 – 29th. The Grand Tetons are one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful places on earth. Join us for 5 days of intensive fun, learning, and extraordinary photographs. You will discover rivers, waterfalls, abandoned buildings, wildlife, wildflowers, lakes, and much more. I cannot describe to you how amazing this experience is. Hone your skills while enjoying the fresh air of mountains. Experience freedom with a camera.

Snake River, the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

How to Get Great Macro Images of Glass

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Macro photograph of a glass perfume bottle, marble, and pebble

Hi Friends, Bloggers, and Photographers,

My glass macro photography receives a lot of positive comments. Several images sold to the Hard Rock Casino for display in their cafe. Most people ask how I get the clean, vibrant shots. This is a great motivator to put together the video tutorials I am frequently requested to do. The inaugural video is now complete and shows you how I get these macro shots. Click here to watch the video on You Tube.

Glass marble photographed with a macro lens

I hate being inside on a beautiful day, so most of the video is shot outdoors with birds and trees sharing my stage. I hope you enjoy the informal style and gain some tips and inspiration about macro photography.

Extreme photo close up of a glass marble

After you take a macro image, have a little fun. Put it together like a puzzle and get something that looks like this:

A macro photograph turned into repetition pattern

A macro photograph turned into repetition pattern

If this has inspired you, consider taking my online Macro Photography Course at The Compelling Image. It is four weeks of guided instruction, and I give you detailed critiques once a week. I’d love to see you macro photos.

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