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Mount Everest Trash Is Turned Into Art

Mount Everest, photographer unknown

Hi Friends and Bloggers,

I found this interesting article and thought you would like it too. The first thing that caught my attention was how in the world could there be 8 tons of trash left on Mount Everest, one of the most remote places on earth? I discovered that 4,000 people have climbed the peak in the Himalayas since 1953. Apparently, they have left a lot of trash behind. The second question was how did they get the trash down? The article states: “It took 65 porters and 75 yaks to carry down the rubbish from the mountain over two Spring expeditions.”   Click Here to read more and see the photos of the art.

Trash on Mount Everest, photographer unknown

Visitors to the Everest trash art exhibit, photographer unknown

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