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Happy Thanksgiving From Washington DC

This year my Thanksgiving greetings are coming to you from Washington DC. In fact, I am writing this blog as I sit in the Garden Cafe at the National Gallery of Art. This morning, before hopping on the bus up to the museum, I cooked up my favorite holiday snack, Gina’s Cranberry Poppers.

Why am I in a museum instead of enjoying the day with family? Unfortunately, my husband has to work today, so I’m on my own. If I have to be alone, the NGA is a wonderful place to be. Here’s a photo of my Thanksgiving lunch in the Garden Cafe.

I hope you stuff your faces and need to buy a bigger belt on Black Friday.


A Holiday Visit To North Carolina Museum Of Art 2012

"Abdullahi Mohammed With Mainasara, Ogre-Remo, Nigeria" C Print 2007

Pieter Hugo’s “Abdullahi Mohammed With Mainasara, Ogre-Remo, Nigeria” C Print, 2007

On December 23, my husband and I decided to visit the North Carolina Museum of Art. We especially enjoy the modern art wing. I thought I’d share a few of the works that captured my attention on this visit.

The photo above is my favorite photographic piece on display. The power of the massive hyena (with a staggering bite of 11oo PSI) is controlled by the power of the man who handles it. Man vs. beast seem equally matched here. (Sorry for the glare. As you would imagine, the photo is under glass, and there was no way for me to get a clean shot.)

A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art. Dec 23, 2012

Aaron Douglas, “Harriet Tubman” Oil on Canvas, 1931

The tribute to Harriet Tubman’s life is apparent in this painting. The subtle white ray and circular patterns on top of the painting gives it a feeling of hope. It is an illusion of the sun and light rays shining down on the scene, like a blessing from heaven. Douglas could have omitted this white wash of rays, and the painting could still be strong, but the rays add an extra emotional punch that I appreciate.

A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art. Dec 23, 2012

Anselm Kiefer “Untitled” Mixed Media, 1980-1986

This Kiefer painting and mixed media work is massive. It takes up a whole corner of a room in the modern wing of the museum. Each time I see it, I notice more details. The complicated textures alone make me want to get lost in it.

A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art. Dec 23, 2012

George Bireline “Matisse Window” Acrylic on Canvas, 1964

Matisse makes me happy. Bireline’s tribute to Matisse makes me happy. The masterful use of color and pattern lead me into this window and I want to open it to see the French Riviera just like Matisse did from his studio. I adjusted the white balance in my camera to show you the purity of the colors in this painting.

A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art. Dec 23, 2012

Lyonel Feininger “The Green Bridge II” Oil on Canvas, 1916

Feininger has always been one of my favorite painters, but this cubist canvas has to be one of his best. Again, I adjusted my camera’s white balance so you can see accurate colors. Put your finger over the yellow doorway. Without that small touch, the painting loses interest. The man knew what he was doing.

A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art. Dec 23, 2012

A hallway in the North Carolina Museum of Art with (L to R) Gerhard Richter, Robert Motherwell, and Joel Shapiro.

This is a shot of one of the hallways leading to wings of paintings and sculptures. Below is the same hallway, facing in the opposite direction.

A visit to the North Carolina Museum of Art. Dec 23, 2012

Another hallway of the North Carolina Museum of Art with (L to R) Lee Mullican, Andy Warhol, Adolph Gottlieb, and Joseph Albers.

We planned our visit so we could have brunch at the museum restaurant, Iris. We are never disappointed with the food and atmosphere of the well-lit, clean-lined room. If you haven’t experienced the restaurant yet, you will you enjoy the quality and taste of the menu, as well as the fair prices. I had a very creative version of eggs benedict (on cornbread muffins with fresh and locally grown ingredients) and it was only $12. Keep Iris in mind for your next trip to the museum.

Brent & Gina visit the North Carolina Museum of Art and enjoy brunch in Iris restaurant. Delicious!

Brent & Gina visit the North Carolina Museum of Art and enjoy brunch in Iris restaurant. Delicious!

Internship Opportunities at National Gallery of Art, Washington,DC

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC is accepting internship applications for 2013-2014. The Gallery offers three different internships, each having different projects, eligibility requirements, and terms. Internships in the Museum Profession, Graduate Curatorial Internships, Summer 2012 Internships. Applications and information are available by clicking here.

Review of “When I’m 64” Exhibit, Including “Window Peeping”

There is a fabulous exhibit up at the Wignall Museum of Contemporary Art in Rancho Cucamonga, California. When I’m 64, curated by Rebecca Trawick, centers around aging in America. There are funny, melancholy, poignant, and absurd moments to discover in the images on display. The exhibit runs through November 21, 2012.

Five of my large-scale photographs from the Window Peeping series are included.

Ceramic Ducks from the Window Peeping series

Art critic Stacy Davies deserves credit for recommending When I’m 64, and writing a great review in Visual Art Source (VAS).¬†Aging is not sexy. We live in a youth obsessed world. Davies looked beyond the normal art hype to give Rebecca Trawick and the show the credit it deserves. Thanks, Stacy. I know I sound a little full of myself for blogging this because my work is included. However, my purpose is to bring attention to the topic of aging than to my work. In fact, there are seven other incredible artists in this show; Troy Adssey, Jeanne C. Finley, Jessica Ingram, Nancy Macko, Peter Riesett, Shari Wasson, and Martha Wilson. As someone who spent five years taking care of an elderly mother with dementia, I know our health care system needs revisions. I take every opportunity to spotlight their plight. After all, we will be there someday too.

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