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Sally Mann – A Thousand Crossings – At National Gallery Of Art

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Sally Mann – A Thousand Crossings – At National Gallery Of Art

Sally Mann Exhibit-8

Sally Mann Exhibit-9

Living in Washington DC is such a delight when I can walk to the National Gallery of Art and experience Sally Mann’s solo exhibit with a group of photographers who like to discuss the finer points of technique and process. Inspiration and criticism go hand-and-hand when you have a group of accomplished and opinionated individuals in the same room. Of course, each of us has a camera weighing down our necks and the irritation may add to our determination to get out point across.

Over 40 years of 110 images span the galleries, organized in five sections. Many have never been exhibited before. There are two videos that illuminate Mann’s thought process and technique.

Click on this link to see details.

Scroll down to see some of the photos that caught my eye.

Sally Mann Exhibit

Sally Mann Exhibit-2

Sally Mann Exhibit-3

Sally Mann Exhibit-4

Sally Mann Exhibit-6


Sally Mann Exhibit-10

Sally Mann Exhibit-11



Access Robert Frank’s Photos

Robert Frank in action

Robert Frank in action

Did you know that the National Gallery of Art has a massive archive of Robert Frank’s photos and movies? Did you know you can access them? That’s right, you can view his work from 1937 to 2005. The archive even includes contact sheets, work prints, negatives, technical material, and even recordings. It’s the largest collection of Frank’s work anywhere in the world.

Click here to get further info on how to gain access to this archive.

Internship Opportunities at National Gallery of Art, Washington,DC

The National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC is accepting internship applications for 2013-2014. The Gallery offers three different internships, each having different projects, eligibility requirements, and terms. Internships in the Museum Profession, Graduate Curatorial Internships, Summer 2012 Internships. Applications and information are available by clicking here.

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