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Circular Panorama of Dana Point Harbor

Circular Panorama of Dana Point Harbor by Gina Genis

Hi Friends,

Thought I’d share a photo I did of Dana Point Harbor – with a twist – literally. I took a series of shots of Dana Point Harbor, stitched them together, then uses a bunch of PhotoShop manipulations to twist it into a circle. This is the result. You can learn how to do this technique in my Creative Photography Workshop.


Grand Tetons Photography Workshop

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Hello Friends and Photographers,

Schawbacher Landing, Grand Tetons, by Gina Genis

I only have 2 spaces open for my in-the-field Grand Tetons Photography Workshop from June 25 – 29th. The Grand Tetons are one of the most jaw-droppingly beautiful places on earth. Join us for 5 days of intensive fun, learning, and extraordinary photographs. You will discover rivers, waterfalls, abandoned buildings, wildlife, wildflowers, lakes, and much more. I cannot describe to you how amazing this experience is. Hone your skills while enjoying the fresh air of mountains. Experience freedom with a camera.

Snake River, the Grand Tetons, Wyoming

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